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acoustic versions, alphabetical order, alternative rock, analogfish, androgyny, anime, apples, arrested development, art, asami tohjoh, asian kung-fu generation, beat crusaders, beautiful people, bishies, bleach, bling bling, boys, brokeback mountain, buddha, c-pop, c-rock, capes, captain straydum, castles, cat's cradle, chatmonchy, cherry filter, clothes, color, communing with nature, conan o'brien, corny-scary, cunning versatility, dane cook, david bowie, designing, dragons, drawing, dutch accents, early mornings, eating, engrish, firefly, frequently changing my surrounding, gackt, gender benders, getting gifts, gloating, gravity, gung, h&m, hana yori dango, hanakimi, haunted houses, hikaru no go, husking bee, indie, invader zim, invisibility, irony, j-indie, j-pop, j-rock, jake gyllenhaal, jesus, jim gaffigan, k-pop, k-rock, katamari damacy, kurt vonnegut, life aquatic, looking but not touching, male bonding, manga, miyavi, money, mr. t, naruto, nice pair of slacks, ninjas, no regret life, oc remix, oldies, orange range, peace and quiet, peach girl, poems, polysics, rain, reading, religion, remixes, robot-ninjas, robots, rock music, rpgs, sarcasm, seasame street, seasons, serenity, sexy things, shiva, shopping, sleeping, spanish soap operas, sparta locals, static shock, super happy fun rock, super heroes, swords, teen titans, the boogie jack, the color orange, the default away message, the orient, the sky, tokyo crazy paradise, trees, trigun, unhealthy things, vishnu, wa!, web comics, writing, yaoi, yuri
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